Preliminary Investigation
$0.00 (Free)

First time working with a private investigator? Before you commit to anything, start with a free preliminary investigation to determine if we can help you.

Your Free Preliminary Investigation Includes:

💬 20-Minute Phone Interview – We’ll gather information from you about the situation, the person you want to investigate, and the goal you want to achieve.

🌎 Location Verification – If you don’t already know where they live, we can verify their current address using public and private databases.

👁️ Reconnaissance – We’ll go to the address, take pictures, and then determine the best way to conduct the investigation.

💵 Price Quote – You’ll receive a price that’s based on the information that we gather from the interview, address verification, and reconnaissance.

🔒 Confidential – Everything we discuss is completely confidential and will not be disclosed.

*Additional terms & conditions may apply.

★★★★★ 5.0
By Charlie A. (Published July 8th, 2022)

“Hired to do surveillance on my ex’s house. Extremely professional throughout the whole process and in the end I got a very detailed report. I would hire again without hesitation.”


Family Investigations

Whether you're preparing for a court case, actively engaged in one, or dealing with the after-effects, we’ll help you gather the evidence you need.

Family Investigations Include:

💍 Divorce – Prove your spouse has hidden assets, has given false testimony, or is currently violating a court order.

💔 Infidelity – Prove your partner is unfaithful so you can decide if you want to continue the relationship, and gather evidence that will protect your reputation in the eyes of your family, friends, and community.

👶 Child Custody – Prove your partner / former partner is neglecting your child by leaving them alone or in the care of others, is involved in illegal activities that are jeopardizing your child’s safety, is using drugs or alcohol around your child, is violating a court order by bringing your child around a specific person, or has kidnapped your child and is holding them at a specific location.

📃 Parenting Plans – Prove your partner / former partner is engaging in activities that are harmful to your child's wellbeing so you can modify the parenting plan.

💵 Financial Support – Prove your partner has undisclosed sources of income so you can change your child support / spousal support arrangement.


Location Prediction

Location Prediction helps us determine where they’re going, when they’ll arrive, and when they’ll depart. It allows us to predict their actions so we can set up ambushes and gather evidence without detection.

Location Prediction Includes:

⚡ Real-Time Location Monitoring w/ Hidden Camera Livestreams – We’ll use hidden cameras to determine when they arrive and depart a specific location.

🧲 Future Location Control w/ Psychological Operations – We’ll lure the target to a specific location using various psychological techniques.

🚚 Vehicle Location Tracking w/ License Plate Scanners – We’ll use license plate scanners to track the different locations they visit.

💻 Current Location Alerts w/ Social Media Monitoring – We’ll monitor their social media accounts for new information about their location.

📊 Past Location History w/ Database Research – We’ll use public and private databases to discover their past location history.


Evidence Gathering

Evidence Gathering is a combination of tools, tactics, and techniques that we use to gather photographic evidence without detection. While detection can occur, we’re able to avoid detection in most cases with these methods.

Evidence Gathering Includes:

🎯 Long-Range Photography – We’ll use high-zoom cameras whenever being close to the target isn’t an option.

🌳 Camouflage Photography – We’ll use camouflage to avoid being detected by the target whenever a hiding spot isn’t available.

🎭 Undercover Photography – We’ll pretend to be someone else so we can get close to the target.

🦉 Night-Time Photography – We’ll use night vision cameras to get clearer pictures of the target at night.

🚙️ In-Vehicle Photography – We’ll follow the target in a vehicle and deploy anti-detection techniques to avoid detection.

🏃 On-Foot Photography – We’ll follow the target on foot and deploy anti-detection techniques to avoid detection.

🛩️ Drone Photography – We’ll use drones to take photographs of the target from the air whenever we can’t get photos on the ground.



Report is delivered via email and contains all the evidence we’ve gathered throughout the course of the investigation.

Report Includes:

🎞️ Photographic Evidence – We’ll process all the photos we’ve gathered, date and time stamp them, and organize them chronologically.

📝 Notarized Statement – We’ll provide a notarized statement detailing what we observed, when we observed it, and where we observed it.

📞 Call – We’ll call you to discuss the details of the report and answer any questions you may have about the investigation.

★★★★★ 5.0
By Margot Rush (Published May 28th, 2022)

“Did a fantastic job. Very friendly and professional, very helpful, very patient, very up to date and fast with everything.”

"And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff. I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it's crazy, but that's the only thing I'd really like to be." ~ The Catcher In The Rye