Free Starter Package

First time working with a private investigator? Before you commit to anything, start with a free trial to see if we’re right for you.

Your Free Starter Package Includes:

📞 Call – Free 20-minute phone call to discuss your situation and see if it’s something we can help you with. If we can help, we’ll walk you through our evidence-gathering process, answer any questions you have, and give you a price.

✒️ Sign – We’ll email you a contract for you to review and sign. After signing, the rest of the services in this package will be available to you free of charge. Signing this contract does not obligate you to make a purchase.

💬 Interview – We’ll conduct an interview to make sure we fully understand your situation and have all the information we need to get started.

🗃️ Background Pre-Check – We’ll use public and private databases to locate the names, addresses, and vehicles of hard-to-find people. Expenses may apply.

💻 Digital Reconnaissance – We'll digitally review routes and identify environmental obstacles (security checkpoints, construction, stoplights, barriers, events) and opportunities (hiding places, u-turn zones, parking lot cut-throughs).

🔒 Confidentiality Guaranteed – Your personal information and the nature of our conversations will not be disclosed to anyone (except when required by law).

★★★★★ 5.0
By Charlie A. (Published July 8th, 2022)

“I hired Abijah to do video surveillance on my ex’s house to get proof of a illegal daycare that is being run there. He was extremely professional throughout the whole process and in the end I got a very detailed report. I would hire him again without hesitation and wish him all the best! If you need and private investigator he’s the one to call!”


Divorce Investigations

Whether you're preparing for divorce, actively engaged in a divorce, or dealing with the after-effects of divorce, we’re here to gather the evidence you need.

We Work Exclusively On Divorce Cases That Involve:

💔 Affairs – Gather photographic evidence that shows your spouse being unfaithful so you can decide whether or not you’re going to divorce them, or just to have on hand to protect your reputation in the eyes of your family, friends, and community.

💎 Assets – Gather photographic evidence that shows your spouse is hiding assets so you can get everything you’re entitled to.

👶 Child Custody – Gather photographic evidence that shows your spouse is neglecting your child by leaving them alone or in the care of others, has abducted your child and is keeping them at a specific location, is involved in illegal activities that jeopardize your child’s safety, is using drugs or alcohol around your child, or is violating a court order by bringing your child around a specific person.

💵 Financial Support – Gather photographic evidence that shows your spouse has undisclosed sources of income which can change the dynamics of your child support or spousal support arrangement.

📃 Parenting Plan Modifications – Gather photographic evidence that shows your spouse is engaging in activities that are harmful to your child's mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing (and that the parenting plan should be modified as a result).


Covert Photography

We use the following covert photography methods to gather evidence without detection.

📡 Remote Livestream Photography – If we need to know who visits a location, when they arrive, and when they depart, we’ll use hidden cameras (usually disguised as bushes, utility boxes, or pieces of trash) with a wireless internet connection to monitor activities in real-time.

🎯 Long-Range Photography – If the subject is too far away, or there are no nearby positions to get a good picture, the photographer will find a position further away at a higher elevation and use a high-zoom camera to get the photos.

🎭 Undercover Photography – The photographer will pretend to be someone else and use hidden cameras (usually hidden inside of buttons) to take photos.

🌳 Camouflage Photography – If the only angle to take a photograph requires the photographer to be extremely close, they’ll camouflage themselves to blend in with the surroundings.

🦉 Night-Time Photography – If photographs need to be taken at night, the photographer will use a night vision camera to get clearer pictures.

🏎️ In-Vehicle Photograph –If the person being photographed enters a vehicle, the photographer will follow them and employ anti-detection techniques.

👟 On-Foot Photography – If the person being photographed enters a public area that’s inaccessible to vehicles, the photographer will follow them on foot and employ anti-detection techniques.

🛩️ Drone Photograpyhy – If the photographer needs to see things from an angle that’s not physically accessible, they’ll use a drone to capture the photos.

Next-Day Delivery

Once we’ve finished gathering photographic evidence, we’ll go through everything we have and prepare it for next-day delivery.

🎞 Photographic Processing – We’ll go through all the photographic evidence we’ve gathered and select the pictures that best represent the events we observed.

🗃️ Background Post-Check – We’ll use public and private databases to find the names, addresses, vehicles, social media profiles, and criminal records of everyone we photograph.

📊 Analysis – We’ll search for patterns and connections in the evidence we gather.

📝 Report – We’ll review the evidence for accuracy, document the timeline of events, and organize everything into a packet that will be delivered to you via email.

📞 Call – We’ll call to discuss the details of the report and answer any questions.

★★★★★ 5.0
By Ethan S. (Published October 18th, 2020)

“I would highly recommend him, Abijah’s professionalism, attention to detail, urgency and ability to create custom channels to locate is unheard of. I was faced with a task that most would call impossible (being across the nation). By chance I came across Abijah’s number and since the very first phone call I have felt that he understood my needs and cared to furnish results! He did just that, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to handle the task. Thank you once again!"

"And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff. I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it's crazy, but that's the only thing I'd really like to be." ~ The Catcher In The Rye