Rescue From Dangerous Situations – Extraction from violence (kidnappings, terror attacks, civil unrest), natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods), and medical emergencies (injuries and illness).

Immediate Money Generation – Start a fundraising campaign for your personal needs, or create a marketing campaign to boost bottom-line profits for your business.

Outsmart Scammers – Get an advantage over anyone who is trying to scam, blackmail, or manipulate you.

Fix Health Issues – Discover alternative cures to life-threatening health problems and everyday health concerns.

Clarify Thinking – Straighten out your thoughts and gain clarity about what to do next.

Legal Disclaimer: Because I work with clients all over the world, some of my services may be illegal in your city, state, or country. I comply with all government mandated laws and regulations. I will not help you do anything that is illegal, immoral, or unethical.

Some of my clients refer to me as their personal James Bond. If you find yourself in a fix, I can probably get you out of it. I carry a reputation for setting situations straight.

Who Is Abijah Christos?

My name is Abijah (pronounced “ab-i-jah”). I grew up in the Seattle, WA and have been solving problems professionally for over 9 years.

If you have a problem but you don’t know where to start, or you’ve tried everything under the sun and are out of options, I’m here to help.

Some of my clients refer to me as their personal James Bond. If you find yourself in a fix, I can probably get you out of it. I carry a reputation for setting situations straight.

How Can I Guarantee Results?

I'm willing and able to guarantee results because of my total approach to problem solving.

Unlike other professionals who specialize in solving a very narrow range of problems, I deal with a wide range of problems on a daily basis – from getting people out of dangerous situations, to generating immediate money, to finding cures for difficult health problems.

This experience has allowed me to develop a step-by-step approach that can be applied to almost any problem you face.

While few of the methods in my approach are unique, the combination of these methods (along with the speed and precision at which I apply them) seems to be.

Here is the 3 step approach I use to get unusually powerful results for my clients:

1Research. During this step I’ll gather any information you have about the problem. Then I’ll conduct my own independent research. I may also need to talk to anyone involved with the problem (lovers, friends, family members, business relations, etc).

2Ideation. After reviewing the research, I use a combination of critical thinking skills, military tactics, psychological techniques, business strategies, engineering principles, and some unorthodox methods to help identify solutions to your problem. Then I put together a detailed step-by-step action plan that gives you a clear path forward.

3Execution. With your approval, I’ll start to execute the step-by-step action plan. This could involve a variety of things, including: assembling a crisis response team, launching an ad campaign, or setting up a psychological operation to catch a scammer.

How Have My Clients Done?

I wish I could say I hit a home run every time, but of course I can't. But by and large, my clients have done quite well.

For example: I helped create a new marketing campaign for an earthquake safety company (EarthquakeUpgrade.com) that generated $250,000.00 in 3 months.

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How Much Does It Cost?

I have no set prices. Instead, you get to decide the price after I deliver the results.

In other words, you get a risk-free trial of my services and it will cost you absolutely nothing – no cost for my time or materials – unless I solve your problem. And if I do solve your problem, you get to decide how valuable my services were to you.

Note: If your solution requires extensive travel, special items, or additional services, you will be required to cover these costs.

Are There Any Catches?

There are two:

1You must be willing to let me implement the solutions I think will work. Except for your legal approval, I retain creative freedom. Naturally, if a solution isn't mine – if the solution has been edited or redesigned – I can't guarantee its success.

2You must need a better solution to your problem. If I think your present solution is excellent, I'll tell you so. I don't presume to be the only professional that can effectively solve your problems. But if you're among the vast majority of people who are unsatisfied with the solutions they have available, I'm confident I can help.

Schedule Your Free Problem Solving Assessment

During this free assessment we’ll discuss your problem, what you’ve already tried, and anything else you feel I should know about your situation.

After that we’ll decide if I’m the right person to help you or not.